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In today’s world business relationships are governed by multiple layers of law, precedent, and social practice. These rules-of-conduct require not just wise men and women who might sit in judgment, but specialists who understand the rules-of-conduct and who can guide the process to benefit both justice and the interests of the partisans to the case. These experts are recognized by the courts for their superior knowledge in various specialty areas, perhaps gained through career experience, academics, or training, and oftentimes steeped by the wisdom of years. Kenneth Free is one of those Experts. He is exclusively a fully-qualified Hotel and Hospitality Forensic Expert Witness.

Whether or not someone in US courts is qualified as an expert is decided by the trial judge in any given case. According to Federal Rules of Evidence, Rule 702, the judge makes his determination based on the witness’s knowledge, skill, education, training, and experience. Trial lawyers vet witnesses before trial through interrogatories and background checks. The trial lawyers make their case for an expert while the attorneys on the other side may argue to disqualify such potential expert. The judge may also ask questions of the potential expert, and then the judge and the judge alone makes the ruling if a person is qualified to be an expert and can present his testimony and opinion. Mr. Free has never been disqualified as an expert witness by any trial judge or arbitrator.

Hotel Expert Witness

Types of cases served as a Hospitality Expert Witness:

– Properties of All Sizes and All Brands –
  • Hotel & resort real estate development & financing disputes
  • Hotel & hospitality standard of care (duty of care) issues
  • Hotel and resort architectural, design, and project management issues
  • Hospitality breach of fiduciary duties cases
  • Hotel valuation or damages calculations
  • Hotel lost profits or business interruption damages cases
  • Hotel franchise & licensing disputes
  • Hotel wrongful death
  • Hotel premises liability cases
  • Hotel management disputes
  • Hotel economics and business viability issues
  • Hospitality class actions
  • Developer & project management compensation disputes
  • Timeshare law violations or breach of fiduciary duty by timeshare developer
  • Timeshare deceptive sales practices