• Custom and Standard Practice: Hotel Operations Hotel Operator Duty of Care Hotel standard of care disputes require a hospitality expert who not only understands precedent established in various cases, but who also understands the practical requirements and implications of procedures and policies in the real world operating environment. Earlier in his career, Mr. Free was employed in operations, finance, and real estate development positions in three professionally well-recognized international hotel companies This experience gives him a focus and understanding not seen in industry consultants who have not been directly on the firing line.
  • Termination of Management Agreement Termination of Management Agreement Kenneth Free is a hospitality real estate development consultant with deep experience on all sides of the table – hotel licensor, hotel operator, and hotel owner. He understands the fiduciary and duty of care obligations of the licensing and operating parties on the one side as well as the rational expectation of the hotel owner on the other to receive a fair return on investment.
  • Operations of Management Company Operations of Management Company Kenneth Free understands the fiduciary and practical obligations of third party operators to hotel owners, as well as of those operators who are affiliated with a brand licensor. Not all hotel management companies are created equal or even perform consistently. Mr. Free can sift through their work product and identify operating weaknesses or support operating strengths.
  • Business Interruption Damages Business Interruption Damages
    Diminution of Value
    Many hotel disputes ultimately get down to calculation of damages. Mr. Free is highly qualified in determining damages, typically after assessing and opining upon causal links between asserted cause of damage and the actual damage.
  • Standard of Care in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Cases Standard of Care in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Cases Hotels and Resorts over time entertain large numbers of guests and invitees. These patrons move about the facilities and utilize its restaurants and bars, function rooms, guestrooms, and recreational amenities. Guests are naturally exposed to risks and sometimes experience personal harm. Owners and operators, as well as plaintiff litigants, need to have honest interpretations of industry standards of care and expectations for performance. Mr. Free offers such interpretations.

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